Sunday, May 17, 2009

Well hello there...

This is a blog that'll focus on me getting back into cycling, as well as random cycling-related things I find.

I've been on several rides, last Sunday was my longest at 38 miles, but I'm hoping to start going for longer rides, and eventually get into cyclotouring.

My bike is a 2002 Trek 1000 that I received for my 16th birthday. He's named Ryder, hence the name of the blog. I also have several other bikes at my parents' in CT: 1970's Raleigh Grand Prix, '70's Gitane mixte frame and a '60 Columbia 3-speed.

Here's the main ride:

So yeah...I keep very good track of my distances and such...oh and if you're a roadie in the Beverly area let me know!

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