Monday, February 8, 2010

I rode my bike today.

And it was great...kinda.

Here's my bike...sitting at the Dunks where I enjoyed a very hot hot chocolate, and also where I nailed down a time for a job interview tomorrow.

And here's me after the ride (sans gloves, hat and helmet).

I started out wanted to do about 5 miles, but that quickly turned into ok, where I can turn off this road to cut the corner and head back downtown. It was (is) cold...around 25F, and I definitely didn't have all the layers I needed. I only wore my base layer, Discovery thermal jersey and windvest (With Cannondale shorts and PI thermal tights, but my legs were plenty warm). Next time I ride at that temperature I'll wear my longsleeve jersey on top of the baselayer.

It was nice to be back on the road though. Oh, also, had a hard time breathing due to the cold. At the beginning and end of the ride I wore a mask, but it made it awkward to turn my head, and fogged up my glasses a good deal, so for the middle part of the ride I left my face uncovered, and am now hacking my lungs out due to the cold shock. Anyone have any suggestions?

Goal this week is to ride the rollers a bit, and get better on those. Also, will probably join Beverly Cycles for an early morning and/or nighttime training session on the trainer.

Again, I'm riding in the LIVESTRONG Philly Challenge in August...I'm looking for any supporters for my ride, please go to here and click donate. Everything goes towards Livestrong as it's their official fundraising site. I am also on Team Fatty...if you don't know who that is...go here: Fat Cyclist

Sunday, February 7, 2010

First train of the season!

Finally got over to Beverly Cycles the other day to get a good workout on the indoor trainer. Went for about an hour, and was nearly dead halfway through...just started counting down the minutes till we're done...

Made it through though, and my legs feel better for it. The knee is a bit stiff, and muscles are still tight after stretching etc, but thats just part of getting back into shape. I'm looking to build an addition onto my rollers to make them free motion, so I might run around and pick up parts for that today...then I can ride indoors here or out on the porch without having to drag my bike up to Beverly.

Update on the bike, all the parts in I want...PRO Shimano straight fork, CF Nashbar seatpost, new CF-looking cages and Titan Forte front and rear wheels. I need to get a new headset in order to install the fork, but I may just have the shop do that. Everything else is installed!

Here's the bike sitting in the kitchen:

Yes I need to swap my stem, shush.

Bike is a bit lighter than before, and feels better to ride, though I haven't ridden on the road with the new wheels yet...

Here's a video of the roller assembly I want to build:

PS, forgot to mention that I'm doing the Philly Challenge for LIVESTRONG in August, and I've created a website for it. Please take a look and if you're so inclined, I would appreciate a donation towards my goal.