Saturday, April 10, 2010


Went down to Plymouth and rode with Larry. We did 17.4 at a pretty easy clip since it was his first ride of the year.

Here's Larry:

We rode out to Myles Standish State Forest and through there, where apparently they have bike races:

One of the rangers was in a pissy mood and stopped us to ask if we were parked there. Since we clearly looked like cyclists who drive places to ride. Ehem.

Also had a guy catch up to us and pass us, which I used as an opportunity to race him (per the sign, of course). After half a mile or so I let Larry catch up, and we ran into some water, where we got to portage the bikes:
The guy in blue is mister speed-racer.

Here's some other pics from the ride:

On the way home we ran into this guy, and I completely missed my shot with my invisible shotgun:

Since the road to the beaches was closed and we cut our ride short, I had a bit of time to explore the area via car:

So it was a nice easy ride for me...Larry will probably be sore tomorrow. Going to ride to the ice cream shop tomorrow with Ryan and see how his mountain bike fares. Monday I'm planning a ride to Beverly Cycles and back, which will be about 30 miles.

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