Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Better and better.

Haven't bothered to write anything in here for a bit. Cycling is definitely coming along...Ryan ended up getting a 2002 Fuji road bike as well as the rest of the necessary cycling stuff. I've done a couple 36mi rides to the shop and back, one of which with Ryan, and we can do 20+ miles easily at around 15mph, which is way better than I was last year.

Looking at the records...there is one week this year and last year that I didn't ride at all...weird. My average everything is higher than last year at least, time, distance and average speed. Goal is in a couple weeks do several 50+ mi rides, if time/weather allows me to.

On hot days (like today) I really don't feel like getting on the bike...thankfully I don't mind getting out on the water. We both have kayaks now, and as of yesterday, we each have a sport-designated vehicle. He carries boats on his, I carry both bikes on mine (new racks, yay!).

Last night we did an 18 mile ride with Dan, Dave and Larry (the first two BevCy regulars, and I rode with Larry in Plymouth and this was his first group ride). We stayed together for some of it then broke apart. The heat was really getting to me, and I definitely did not drink enough water. Ryan and Dave took off and finished the last three miles with a 19mph avg, and I finished with the other two a couple minutes later, thankful to be back. We had plenty of sunlight to go for an extra few miles but I was really hurting. I wasn't necessarily pushing myself, but I just had a lack of wanting to. I felt a bit weak and had no motivation, with bouts of ability where I could push it. Most of the time I just felt it enough to turn the pedals.

Next ride is Wednesday night, and I'm hoping it's cooler. If not I'll be sure to down more water before and during the ride.

Our bikes. Aeros have been off for awhile.

His bike

Him on his bike

Kayaks on the car

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