Monday, December 21, 2009

So much for that...

I just posted the last blog, even though it says November...I had the text I had written in my email, and never got around to posting. Been a busy month or ending, more jobs, no more biking. So here's the cycling related stuff that's going on...

I found a new bike shop to go to...Beverly Cycles in Beverly, MA. Great guys, down-to-earth, not pushy, just gives you what you need and a little advice along the way. I stopped in to check out what they had for gloves, and prices on tune-ups, and ended up bringing in the Trek for a full tune-up, new tires, new cyclometer and a good cleaning. She's ready to be picked up already, but I'm waiting till we get the Thule rack installed on the bf's car.

In the meantime, I bought myself some christmas goodies. I bought a Team Discovery thermal jersey and tight kit, regardless of how ridiculous I'll look. TK has approved of wearing team kits, so no one give me lip. That stuff is still on the way from China...what IS here is a Louis Garneau helmet cover and shoe covers, Discovery water bottles and a winter Discovery cap. All that's left is get the jersey/tights, gloves, bike and I'm ready for some serious cold-weather cycling.

Another thing I like about Beverly Cycles is that they ride. The bike shop I had been going to previously didn't have owners that road hardly at all...but now I have people I can email and plan rides with, which is exciting, since I'm now no longer in an area I know. Yes I moved, and I'm going to attempt to commute in. Stay tuned to pics of the cleaned up bike, as well as pics and reviews of some of the new gear I've accumulated in the past month.

Switching gears, I've also signed up for the LIVESTRONG Philly Challenge coming up next August. I'll be riding 70 miles in the event, unless the bf goes, which will be cut to 40 miles or so, and I'm excited. Donations of any sort are much appreciated, and I'm working on a couple ideas to thank those that donate, or represent them in the ride. Here's the link to my page. I'm riding for Team Fatty (who just got to ride with Team Radioshack a week ago!) and will at some point buy Team Fatty gear so I fit in with the group.

So yeah, more on all that later on.

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