Sunday, March 7, 2010


Went for a ride today, as promised! Met up with Dina at her house in Essex, and we took off for Gloucester. I wasn't too sure how I would be considering that I A- was still wicked tired and sore from Fri/Sat and B- didn't have anything for lunch. I downed a Gu and was good for half of the ride, when a much needed Luna bar was inhaled.

Started off at ~18-20 mph on the flat/slight uphill, which is great since gradual uphills are usually my downfall. I can stomp up a short, steep hill well enough, but having that much effort for an extended time HURTS! It hurt today, I'm in a fair amount of pain, but we both rode great. I am definitely at or above the level from the end of last season. For some strange reason, both of us felt like we shouldn't be as good as we were, considering we've just been on the trainer, and it was awesome. The indoor training has definitely helped, especially doing the hill training last week (which involved putting the front wheel on blocks).

We did 24.37 miles in 1:45, so an average of 13.8, but there were a fair number of hills that, well, I didn't want to climb. I did however SPRINT up a hill, and have a witness to corroborate. It was absolutely gorgeous out (see the pics below), and just the right temp for the first ride. It was a tad cold at the end, but we stopped a couple of time for food/Gatorade. The driveway came up unexpectedly but I was happy to get off the bike for the day and head home. Was dark by the time I parked. It's supposed to be nice again tomorrow, and then getting colder the rest of the week, so I don't know when I'll get outside again.

Also, not sure if I'll do the ride inside tomorrow, seeing as I'm hurting like heck now (walking up the stairs was interesting) and I'm scheduled for a two hour ride tomorrow. If I go it may just be to get on the bike and pedal easy. I definitely don't want to over train this early in the season.

I was thinking about another topic for a blog post, which I'll write and post's about shop if you have any insight, feel free to send me an email, or comment on Twitter.

Here are some pics from today's ride!

Went for a ride today with a chick from the inside rides.

Did 24.37 miles in 1:45, so 13.89 mph avg, not bad for the first real road ride...much more motivated when I have someone to ride with.


Dina and I

fastest time of the day

cool shadow


my bike

Dina's bike


  1. I climbed three flights of stairs x 3 today...thighs on fire each time!!!! yep, feeling the 24 hour burn, but, oh, what a ride!!!! and pics to boot, so it doesn't look like twas all a dream!! a bit too many hills appeared for a first ride outdoors, but i must say how impressive the power and endurance i found available for it!! thanks, soooo much, for going and for posting this, Ashley!! hats off to ride inside in 2010!~the chick from Beverly Cycles ;)

  2. Ouch! Yeah I took it easy today, no riding at all for me. Might go for a ride outside sometime tomorrow, and I'll be doing ride inside on Wednesday for two hours.