Friday, March 19, 2010

I can't see!

Couldn't see for the last 15 min or more of tonights ride. It was kinda dark out. Bill gave us a route that was way too long (he took the guys plus Sandi, I took the girls plus Dave) and we gave up at Gordon college and had him and Greg pick us up! Then Dina gave us a hurried lesson in stretching, which she'll do in completion on another ride.

Here's the only picture from today's 17.9 miles:

That's Dina teaching Bill how to curtsie how to stretch his hip flexor.

I also got my new jersey in the mail today!! But due to chilling breezes, wore the longsleeve jersey instead. Sucked it up with the shorts on, but I threw on pants ASAP.

I think I may drag the bf out to a bike path tomorrow...just to ride around and take goofy pictures, we'll see.

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