Saturday, March 27, 2010

I'm not a very good cyclist... the cold.

Went out last night for a fast 15 miles. Did 15mph avg, which sucked because there weren't too many hills...but the WIND and the COLD.

Wore tights and everything I have for top layer, but forgot a hat, full-fingered gloves and shoe covers. Those would have definitely made the difference. Only a couple miles in and my quads just seized up. I feel bad because I was riding with two guys who were clearly faster than I, but last night was just not the night.

I could definitely go riding today, but I'll take the rest and go for a ride tomorrow or Monday...we'll see how the weather is.

Also, been using my HRM for rides, now that I have it working. On the sprints the other day I hit 190 as my idea what it should be at...

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