Sunday, March 21, 2010


Even though it was a fair bit cooler than yesterday, Dina and I still got out on a ride.

Did 25 miles in just under 2 hours...rode up some pretty good hills (mile-long hill on the Lynn Fells Parkway). Wore just about enough for the ride, but was pretty chilled at the end. LS baselayer, new Fat Cyclist jersey, LS jersey and just shorts. I think I should pick up some knee-warmers since my knees are hurting pretty bad, and that's because of the cold.

Here's some pics:

Supposed to ride tomorrow and do stretching afterwards but I may not...depends how sore I am tomorrow. Above is the dashboard on my bike now. Took off the aeros, moved the speedometer and added the new HRM. HRM needs new batteries, and Target was out of them when I was out and about.


  1. Always a good idea to keep your knees warm at temps below 60.

  2. Yeah I'm def going to pick up some knee warmers. Been two hours since I got back and my legs are still not warmed up.

  3. Nice! That's a pretty busy car zone there! I wish I got two solid hours. I got about an hour of pulling the trailer on the Minuteman Trail.

    FOl base layer, Baja Drug Rug layer with Nike Nylon and Levi outer wind-blocking layer.