Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Trainer who?

I did two hours on the bike (on the trainer) today. First hour was doing echelon riding and bridging to breakaways. Second hour was listening to Xena.

No really, she calls herself Xena, as in:

I looked online briefly and couldn't find anything about her...but it was some sort of amateur cycling training...and the participants in the video made us feel better about ourselves. Talk about a cross-section of America; it included the woman who persistently complains about her bike (and the guy who shakes his head in response).

Not too many of us were a fan of the video, though we agreed it gave us a decent enough was just boring. Or maybe we were spoiled from our outside rides this past week. My legs are definitely feeling it though.

Who here has been on a trainer over the winter? Have any similar experiences with videos? We train at the shop, so we have a pretty wide selection (I would've even picked hill climbs over bridging gaps), and I feel sorry for those who buy stuff they never use again.

Going to do another hour on the bike tomorrow night, then a few days of rest. Here's hoping for some more near-60 degree weather within the week. Taking pictures while riding inside doesn't make for exciting blog posts. Until someone falls off the trainer...which has happened several times (I won't mention names).

Oh...and anyone have recommendations on aerobars? I have a set on my bike that I wouldn't mind order to be comfortable the pads would have to be set farther back...which makes climbing sucky when I don't have the handlebar clear near the stem...

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